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Missão da Empresa Audinaka is prepared to act on the most complex and sophisticated area of Accounting Management, Bookkeeping, Tax, Payroll, Social Security, Labor (Legal) and Outsourcing services. In order to help on solving business problems, reducing costs and being advisor for small, medium and large companies managing their accounting and business.
Visão da Empresa Being recognized for developing first-rate work with excellence andmaximized efficiency, while maintaining a solid reputation and client portfolio select and diversified, and superior customer relations, mediumand small companies and multinationals.
Valores da Empresa The philosophy for this success is based on people and technology, never forgetting:(i) integrity, with compromise to follow ethical and legal principles, been creative, stimulating continuous search for new legal solutions,(ii) knowledge that results from continuous studies, and (iii) partnership what means been driven to increase productivity and value added.


Av. Prof. Francisco Morato, 742 - Butantã - São Paulo - SP - Fone (11) 3816-9888 / Fax - (11) 3816-9889