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Serviços Prestados

Accounting Services

Providing support for business management facing clients, suppliers and public agencies needs and requirements.

Main services

Accounting services for all taxes regime, including reporting (trial balances, management reports etc), prepared to fit client needs.

Taxes additional obligations (forms etc)
Income Tax Return (individuals and legal entities)
Organize and supporting for customer inventory

Tax Advisor
Starting with billing and including all tax calculation, tax payment forms issued and sent directly to the clients for payment at due dates. As well as tax planning advising.
Human Resources Advisor/Outsourcing

Human Resources services provide employees management, in order to help in the day-by-day needs, driving them to better adapt to the corporate matters nowadays.

Main services:

Employees books
Payroll and Social Charges
Labor Agreement termination
Annual Listing of information and Salaries (RAIS)

Legal Advisor (Paralegal)

Company’s representative for any public agencies as well customs clearance. Creating, changing and closing legal entities, as well articles of association and other legal documents.


Business management and process review consulting services.


In alliance with IBRAEP - Instituto Brasileiro Escalada Profissinal, helping people (technical and, mainly, behavior skills) needs in order to improve productivity, quality and turnover reduction, that could be "on demand" to each client.



Av. Prof. Francisco Morato, 742 - Butantã - São Paulo - SP - Fone (11) 3816-9888 / Fax - (11) 3816-9889